Video messages from members of the Single Seat campaign

Posted on July 14, 2016 · Posted in News

Members of the Single Seat Campaign call for citizens to support One seat for the European Parliament and the online petition to end the communting between Brussels and Strasbourg. Click on the name to see their video:

Anna Maria Corazza Bildt, EPP/Sweden

Pina Picierno, S&D/Italy

Beatriz Becerra, ALDE/Spain

Lynn Boylan, GUE-NGL/Ireland

Jens Geier, S&D/Germany

Fredrick Federley, ALDE/Sweden

Jeppe Kofod, S&D/Denmark

Giovanni La Via, EPP/Italy

Elly Schlein, S&D/Italy

Igor Soltes, Greens-EFA/Slovenia:

Bart Staes, Greens-EFA/Belgium

Ivan Stefanec, EPP/Slovakia

Romana Tomc, EPP/Slovenia

Ernest Urtasun, Greens-EFA/Spain

Henna Virkkunen, EPP/Finland

Cecilia Wikström, ALDE/Sweden