Meeting of the European Council 28 – 29th June

Posted on June 28, 2018 · Posted in News

In view of today’s meeting of the European Council the Single seat campaign ask the EU heads of state or government to open a road map for the single seat.


Dear Chancellor Kurz,

As representatives of European citizens, we are committed to make the European Parliament less costly, less polluting and more efficient.

We are writing you in view of the European Council on June 28th- 29th. Many are the issues at stake for which European citizens are expecting heads of states and governments to take responsibility and reach agreements.

Following your recent declaration, and the one of Chancellor Angela Merkel, on the importance of having only one location for the European Parliament, we believe that European Council Summit this week represent a crucial opportunity to bring forward also the question of a single seat for the European Parliament.

The European Court of Auditors has estimated the costs of having two seats at €114 million per year, in addition to the extra 19.000 tons of CO2 and the gross inefficiencies for Members and staff.

The European Parliament has consistently and regularly voted in favour of a single seat. The recent vote on the estimates for the European Parliament Budget 2019 confirmed once again that a large majority of Members of the European Parliament are in favour of a single seat to create long term savings in the Union Budget. With the adoption of the Fox-Häfner Report on the location of the EU institutions in October 2013, the European Parliament has asked for a revision of the Treaties under article 48 to enable the Parliament to have a single seat and to decide where to hold its meetings.

The Single Seat Steering group in the European Parliament is a pro-European, pro-dialogue, pro-democracy, cross-party and cross-national group of MEPs, committed to achieve this goal. A generation ago twelve EU governments agreed on having twelve sessions in Strasbourg. However, with the Lisbon Treaty the situation has changed. The Parliament has become a co-legislator with the Council and they, with the Commission, constantly need to work together.

We consider peace and reconciliation between Germany and France a foundation of the European Union. At the same time, with the Lisbon Treaty, we need to develop new ways to recognize it. We also appreciate that France should be able to host an important European body.

We ask for your support for a more efficient European Parliament. We call on you to take this crucial opportunity to put the question of the Parliament’s seat on the agenda for the European Council and initiate a debate in the Council on the necessary revision of the Treaties for the European Parliament to have one seat.

That is what European citizens ask of us. It is our common responsibility to deliver it.

Yours sincerely,


Anna Maria Corazza Bildt,

Chair of the Single Seat Campaign,

EPP, Sweden


Pina Picierno,

Vice-Chair of the Single Seat Campaign,

S&D, Italy


Ashley Fox,

Vice-Chair of the Single Seat Campaign,

ECR, United Kingdom


Beatriz Becerra,

Vice-Chair of the Single Seat Campaign,

ALDE, Spain


Dennis De Jong,

Vice-Chair of the Single Seat Campaign,

GUE-NGL, Netherlands


Heidi Hautala

Vice-Chair of the Single Seat Campaign,

Greens-EFA, Finland