EU general Budget 2017 calls for a Single Seat road map to reduce costs

Posted on October 26, 2016 · Posted in News

The European Parliament has voted today the General Budget for the European Union for 2017. The proposal calling for a road map for a Single Seat of the European Parliament was adopted with large majority (73 percent) of Members. This call is the last of many, where the European Parliament has made clear to the Commission and Council that this waste has to stop.
The Report of the European Parliament recalls the 2013 Fox-Häfner report, which estimated the costs of the geographic dispersion of the Parliament to be between EUR 156 million and EUR 204 million and equivalent to 10 % of the Parliament’s budget and notes the finding that 78 % of all missions by Parliament statutory staff arise as a direct result of the Parliament’s geographic dispersion;. the report also reminds that the estimation of the environmental impact of the geographic dispersion of the European Parliament is between 11,000 to 19,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. MEPs by largely voting in favour of this proposal, reiterated the negative public perception caused by this dispersion and calls therefore for a roadmap to a single seat and a reduction in the relevant budget lines.